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Several sources claim that having a household pet has huge health benefits for us, including lowering blood pressure and stress levels. It is not surprising then, why 53% of Canadians have at least one furry friend in their lives. Pets can also be an encouragement for us to be active and serve as outlets of love, companionship and support. Ultimately, most of us treat our pets like we would our closest family.

With this being said, it’s perhaps time to start thinking about some simple ways to improve the lives of our pets through switching to products that are safer and more eco-conscious, as well as foods that are wholesome and chemical free.  By making the move to natural and organic products, your pet and your entire family will be living in a cleaner, healthier environment.

Many pet products contain potentially harmful chemicals. The Natural Resource Defense Council advises that flea collars that you can buy from the nearest pet shop often have dangerous ingredients like tetrachlorvinphos and propoxur. They warn that, “just because these products are on store shelves does not mean they are safe.” In addition, most pet foods are chalk full of fillers and preservatives.

Eco products for pets are on the rise–from biodegradable doggie bags to natural flea collars, and organic shampoos.  Toys made of wool, hemp or any chemical free fibers are also being introduced as great alternatives.

Ever thought about where your pet sleeps? It would be very simple to make a cushion of organic cotton stuffed with a natural filling like buckwheat hulls.

By feeding your pet an organic food source, you are making a commitment to providing them a healthier, longer life with less trips to the veterinarian. Also, you can actually save money by making your own organic dog food right at home and spend less than you would on regular, non-organic brands. Most of us are well aware of the benefits of switching to an organic diet for ourselves, but who knew that this lifestyle change could benefit our four-legged pals?

So, try thinking outside the box and try these new ways to incorporate organics into your life! If you’re living in Atlantic Canada check out Katie’s Farm in Nova Scotia— Canada’s first certified organic pet bakery. In addition to the treats she sells, she is offering a pet food cooking class on June 25th at Liscombe Lodge which could be a great way to kick-start your new organic project!

Interested in learning more about how you can protect your children and your pets? Visit and!

Mayme Lefurgey, ACORN Summer Student


Author: acornorganic

Atlantic Canadian Organic Regional Network. Vision ACORN aims to enhance the viability and growth of the Atlantic Canadian organic agricultural community through a unified regional network. Mission Statement ACORN is a non-profit organization that promotes organic agriculture by: Facilitating information exchange between and amongst organizations and individuals Coordinating non-formal education for producers through to consumers Networking with all interested parties both regionally and nationally Structure ACORN is a membership-based non-profit incorporated cooperative with an eleven member Board of Directors and an Executive Director.

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  1. MY DO IS ORGANIC:MIA’S ORGANIC RECEIPE:Chicken cooked with organice rice, chicken brooth, carrots and celery, She like organic apples, blueberries and greenbeans. She does not get “dog food.” We need to start an Organic Dog Club.

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