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Organic Week Highlights in NB!


Organic Week was well-celebrated in New Brunswick, and ACORN took a field trip to visit some of the participating locations. Below is a photo-blog of the Organic Week Highlights!

First of all, I (Theresa, NB ACORN Coordinator) was lucky to be in Fredericton earlier in the week, and Fredericton had definitely started celebrating:  here are some photos from Real Food Connections, Aura Whole Foods, Picaroons and the Blue Door!

Storefront of Real Food Connections–inside they were celebrating Organic Week!

And I just happened to meet farmer Kathy Nason from Springbrook Cranberries who was dropping off a delivery of organic cranberries in the store!

Organic Farmer Kathy Nason and awesome RFC staff!

Aura Whole Foods created some amazing organic displays–showcasing Canadian Organic products!  Aura  also posted awesome photos of the staff holding their favourite Canadian organic products–here’s Jenn (Organic Week Champion) showing off her superstar vegetables!  (see their facebook site here:

Jenn's favourite Canadian Organic product: Local Organic Kale!

During Organic Week, customers at Aura Whole Foods were entered in a draw to win this AMAZING basket of Organic Goodness!

Meanwhile, at Picaroons, the taps were flowing all week with Picaroons’ organic Dark and Stormy!  For every growler sold customers were entered in a draw to win an amazing basket from Real Food Connections–great double promo!  Picaroons also had FREE ORGANIC APPLES for everyone who stopped in!  The apples were from HutLo Acres in Knowlesville, NB–what a treat!  Here’s Leah Anstis (CCNB) posing with the apples in the brewtique!

Leah Anstis enjoying Organic Week at Picaroons Brewtique!

On Monday, I also had a family meal at the Blue Door in Fredericton, who was celebrating Organic Week by featuring daily specials made with local organic meat!  On Monday, the dinner special was Slipp Farm’s chicken breast with awesome carrots and rice pilaf–I’m afraid the picture I took doesn’t do it justice at ALL–but hopefully it will give you a taste.  It was truly a great meal!

The Blue Door's organic Chicken (Slipp Farms) special–DELICIOUS!

On Friday, Beth McMahon (ACORN Ex. Dir) and I decided to take an afternoon to see what Moncton had cooked up for Organic Week–and we had a blast!

First stop was the beautiful Sequoia Whole Foods and Natural Products where Organic Week included beautiful shelf-displays, organic baked goods (made from Speerville Flour Mill‘s flour!) and product samples all week long!  On Friday, they were sampling organic cheese–yumm!  Here’s a photo of Becky and staff holding up the Organic Week banner.

Great staff at Sequoia hold up the Organic Week banner amidst beautiful shelf displays featuring Cdn Organic products!

Beth checking out another of Sequoia's awesome displays!

Sequoia also hosted David Méthot, from Amarosia Organic Gardens, earlier in the week to give a talk and meet with customers.  In addition, Sequoia’s store location hosts the Green Heaven Café, which specializes in raw and organic food–it’s a beautiful spot with AMAZING treats–be sure to stop in next time you’re hungry!

Green Heaven (located in Sequoia) cooked up delicious organic (and raw!) treats all week long!

Next we visited Dolma Foods, where Susan Linkletter’s Earth Friendly Farm organic salads were waiting for us!

Houssein Barar and Susan Linkletter celebrate Organic Week at Dolma Food!

Let's get a close-up of one of those organic salads–yumm!

And here’s a great local organic veggie display featured all week long at Dolma Food:

Dolma Foods Organic Vegetable display

And we got to taste test some of the salads which will be a part of Dolma Foods Salad Bar–featuring an organic salad selection! Trust me–it was AWESOME!

Last but certainly not least, we visited the Corn Crib–where farmer Larry Slipp was hosting a free organic barbeque!  Unfortunately, my pictures from this are a bit washed-out, but I think you’ll get the picture.  People were pretty excited about this and the staff at the Corn Crib were too!  The Corn Crib was also giving away delicious samples of organic popcorn all week, and on Thursday, they had chef Carson Edwards (from the Dune View Inn) doing cooking demonstrations!  Organic Week was a big hit at the Corn Crib!

Lovely staff at the Corn Crib posing with the Organic Week banner!

Free! BBQ with beef from Larry Slipp's Organic Farm: Happy Organic Week from Corn Crib!

Larry Slipp cooking up Burgers at Corn Crib for Organic Week!

Larry Slipp cooking up free organic burgers at Corn Crib last Friday for Organic Week! One pleased passer-by exclaimed, "Wow, where can I get these" and promptly went inside to purchase a pack of patties!

Thanks to everyone who participated in Organic Week this year–farmers, retailers, restaurants and consumers alike!  Together we’re starting to increase awareness and understanding about what organic means in Canada, and how we can eat to save the world!


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Atlantic Canadian Organic Regional Network. Vision ACORN aims to enhance the viability and growth of the Atlantic Canadian organic agricultural community through a unified regional network. Mission Statement ACORN is a non-profit organization that promotes organic agriculture by: Facilitating information exchange between and amongst organizations and individuals Coordinating non-formal education for producers through to consumers Networking with all interested parties both regionally and nationally Structure ACORN is a membership-based non-profit incorporated cooperative with an eleven member Board of Directors and an Executive Director.

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