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Why organic? (A quick response to bladder infections linked to chicken-consumption)

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It’s news like the following video link: that help me communicate why I think organic is a better choice (and why I sympathize with vegetarians / vegans)!

In brief, this news video suggests that there is research linking chicken and the increased incidence of bladder infections in women, in particular affecting women already at higher risk of bladder infections.  Obviously, bladder infections are uncomfortable, but they can also lead to more serious issues (like a kidney infection), and usually require antibiotic treatment (though I’ve heard 100% cranberry juice works wonders too!).  Anyway, the point is that the chicken are being “fed” antibiotics and it’s leading to bladder infections in people who eat this chicken.  This is frightening, and kind of gross.

Organic meat is guaranteed antibiotic-feed-free.  An organic producer who needs to use antibiotics in certain dire circumstances (to save an animal’s life, for example) can only administer them under strict regulations after their caretaker has researched and applied other possible remedies–and they must separate the animal from the herd / flock, etc.   The animal must be segregated from their friends for a certain period of time, and can’t be slaughtered for meat while it is sick, or on antibiotics, and for a certain amount of time after being on antibiotics.

This means that by choosing organic, you’d be eating a healthy animal, not one killed while sick and on antibiotics, or one that was fed antibiotics as a “preventative measure”.  Not to mention they would also not have been raised on genetically engineered grains or grass, would have led a life with access to pasture and the outdoors, and have comfortable living space to fit their needs.  These are just some of the example of why organic farmers are seen as radicals–they consider animal welfare and the impact that their health has on ours.

Eat organic–it’s in our good nature!



Organic chicken enjoying their freedom at Barnyard Organics in PEI!


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