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Organic Week Blog Series #1: Sequoia Foods

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Making the connection between how our food is produced and the state of our personal health can be a hard one to make, especially with many of us so removed from farming and even basic food knowledge. Raising awareness of this connection is but one of the goals Moncton-based retailer, Sequoia Foods has during not only Organic Week, but the rest of the year.

Becky MacCallum is manager at Sequoia Foods in Moncton

Becky MacCallum is manager at Sequoia Foods in Moncton

The store’s manager, Becky MacCallum, shares that upon completing her studies in nutrition and learning more about the environmental impacts of industrial agriculture shortly after starting her work at the store in 2007, “there was no turning back” for her.

Beyond the environmental benefits of organic agriculture, Becky has found incredible personal health benefits from eating organically. “I have experienced an unbelievable change in my health and it has really pushed me to share that message,” she says.

Working alongside fellow holistic nutritionists and sourcing from a long list of local organic producers has furthered Becky’s motivation to promote organics. “There is nothing better than being involved in a community of supportive, interested and innovative individuals, all working towards similar goals,” she shares.

This support and passion shines through with Sequoia’s on-going participation in Organic Week. While the store continuously strives to show consumers an organic lifestyle is really possible all year round and can be affordable, Becky admits, “We really enjoy taking this one week of the year to get organic info out there in any way that we can.”

Their dedication is unquestionable, considering the store has been organizing a different event every single day of Organic Week! From in-store demos to seminars led by ACORN, Sequoia is always delivering a range of educational and promotional opportunities for organic.

Trying something new this year, Sequoia is collaborating with Broadfork Farm to host Shannon Jones and Bryan Dyck for a virtual tour of their farm. Not only will this provide an opportunity for the community to meet some local organic producers face to face, but Shannon and Bryan will also be sharing their apprenticeship experiences in order to kick off Sequoia’s participation in ACORN’s “Give a Toonie, Grow a Farmer” campaign. It is absolutely incredible to see such support for the future of our local organic farmers, as all proceeds from this campaign go towards our Grow A Farmer Apprenticeship and Mentorship Program.

“I can’t think of a better way to show our support and passion for the organic movement,” states Becky.

This post is part of ACORN’s 2013 Organic Week series where we are featuring the incredible work of our regional partners in Organic Week – the retailers, restaurants, and producers who make the week the educational and promotional success that it has become over the last three years. 


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