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Organic Week Blog Series #3: L’Acadie Vineyards

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The benefits of eating organic foods are relatively well-known, but the distinct advantages of organic wine and drink tend to receive a lot less attention. Bruce Ewert of L’Acadie Vineyards is doing all he can to change that, and has made powerful strides in assuring organic wine has gained valuable recognition and a dependable reputation.

Bruce Ewert is owner-operator of L'Acadie Vineyards, the first organic winery in Nova Scotia.

Bruce Ewert is owner-operator of L’Acadie Vineyards, the first and only organic winery in Nova Scotia.

After completing a degree in Bio-resource Engineering, Bruce immediately found his passion for winemaking by working in wineries for the next seven years. The last stop of his journey through wineries in British Columbia, Ontario, California and Australia was an organic winery,  and it was at this point where his path truly changed. Bruce and his wife Pauline Scott had always dreamed of moving back to the Maritimes, where Pauline grew up, in order to raise their own children. This dream soon became a reality when they found the perfect property in 2004 in Gaspereau Valley, NS.

“I was free to start fresh,” states Ewert. “Not only did organic procedures support my style of winemaking, it’s just what makes sense.” With this optimistic approach, L’Acadie Vineyards had their first wine by 2008 – the first certified organic wine in the region. Their reputation has only flourished since then, boasting clear flavours free of unnecessary chemicals and a distinct terroir. Bruce explains, “Herbicides compromise the soil makeup; the complexities and subtleties in flavour can only be attained through natural practices.”

For Bruce, making the decision to participate in Organic Week was just as clear as choosing to grow organically. “With national exposure comes national outreach,” Bruce confides. “I cannot think of a better opportunity to educate the community at a national level on such an important topic.”

L’Acadie Vineyards has been a participant since Organic Week started four years ago.  Last year the winery hosted daily vineyard tours that featured wine tastings and sessions on the environmental and personal benefits of organic grape growing.

This year L’Acadie Vineyards will be hosting daily, complimentary wine tastings and vineyard tours once again. They have also collaborated with various NSLC locations for organic wine tastings, maximizing consumer outreach. Bruce will also be present at Bishop’s Cellar in Halifax on September 27th for an additional wine tasting, providing the opportunity for organic and wine enthusiasts to meet their local organic wine producer.

L’Acadie Vineyards will also have a presence at multiple farmers’ markets throughout the week participating in ACORN’s “Give a Toonie, Grow a Farmer” campaign – a newly launched initiative in support of our Grow A Farmer Apprenticeship and Mentorship Program. They will be offering various wine tastings by donation with all proceeds going towards supporting the future of local organic farmers. See a complete list of L’Acadie’s Organic Week tastings and events here.

This post is part of ACORN’s 2013 Organic Week series where we are featuring the incredible work of our regional partners in Organic Week – the retailers, restaurants, and producers who make the week the educational and promotional success that it has become over the last three years. 


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