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Organic Week Blog Series #5: The Heartwood

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The Heartwood puts a lot of heart into promoting organics! Established in 1995 by Laura Bishop out of a love for baking and whole foods, the restaurant has consistently prepared the healthiest foods with a strong focus on organics. Carrie Surrette was drawn to these principles and has been proud to serve organic food in the bakery & café ever since she took over Heartwood a year and a half ago.


Carrie Surrette is owner of The Heartwood Restaurant in Halifax

Organic has always been a clear cut choice for Carrie, a lifestyle she can strongly back and believe in. “Organic is taste,” says Carrie. “The staggering difference in taste between organic and conventional food should be acknowledged more often.” Heartwood often receives feedback on the exceptionally high quality of food from customers unfamiliar with organic food. “I find this encouraging that my efforts are recognized, I strive to offer the freshest and most delicious meal possible to every customer, and I do this by choosing local and organic.” Not only does the taste factor make this an easy decision, the environmental footprint and Carrie’s continuous support for local organic producers truly solidify her passion.

With so many misuses and misconceptions of the term “organic,” Heartwood is doing their part by using Organic Week as an opportunity to inform and reach an audience that is seeking out information on organics. Carrie has consistently gone above and beyond to participate: “We love to celebrate organics any chance we get, plus it is such a great chance to educate the community.” Carrie fully enjoys sharing her view and knowledge on organics with those who focus on it in their lives and are yearning for more information.

“If this can be our part in reducing our environmental footprint, enjoying better food and increasing sustainability, then why wouldn’t we choose organic?” explains Carrie. Heartwood Café has repeatedly exceeded all expectations of Organic Week participation through hosting a variety of educational sessions in their restaurant, celebrations with live music and delicious organic beverages and appetizers, special menu features throughout the week and supporting local organic producers by hosting meet and greet events.

The organic community surely appreciates Heartwood’s Organic Week efforts once again, as well as the support for ACORN’s Grow A Farmer Apprenticeship and Mentorship Program. Heartwood will be a proud participant of the newly launched “Give a Toonie, Grow a Farmer” campaign. Located at 6250 Quinpool Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Heartwood can be reached by calling (902) 425-2808. For more details on all Organic Week events, please visit the National website.

This post is part of ACORN’s 2013 Organic Week series where we are featuring the incredible work of our regional partners in Organic Week – the retailers, restaurants, and producers who make the week the educational and promotional success that it has become over the last three years.


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